The Piper Cub Association of South Africa
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The Piper Cub in South Africa
Type c/n Reg History
Piper J3C-65 3705 ZU-CWS Built 1939. Ex ZS-MGD. Registered 15 May 2003. Owner Tigertrap Properties (PTY) LTD
Piper J3F-60 4386 ZS-NAM Built 1940. Registered 17 April 1991. Owner Boschrand Plant CC. Has a Franklin 4AC-176 engine. New owner G J Nagel (Information as at 25 May 2014)
Piper J3C-65 6241 ZS-LWK Built 1941. Registered 20 April 1988. Owner CF de Klerk
Piper J3C-65 8125 ZU-ACN Built 1941. Registered 5 October 1992. Owner ACN Partnership
Piper J3C-65 10022 ZU-FLD ZU-FLD. Built 1942 for US Army. Served with US 70th Infantry Division in WWII. Demobbed Feb 1945. Refurbished 2008 and imported to Cape Town in Jan 2011. Has C85 motor. Owned by Ross Leighton ZU-FLD is a genuine L-4 Grasshopper. Based at Morningstar Airfield, Cape Town. Update 2012 Purchased by Roy Gregson in 2012 and ferried it from Morningstar to Panorama Airfield, south of Johannesburg. Roy wrote... " It took us 16 hours & 3 days to get here but what an adventure. It is an absolute pleasure to fly & own such a beautiful aircraft."
Piper J3C-65 10721 ZS-ZOE Hopwood J W. Built 1943. Registered: 2006/03/27. Update from James Hopwood 15 August 2014. I own ZS-ZOE, which is based in Ladysmith in KZN. I imported her in 2003 and she was rebuilt by Boet Voges in Richards Bay. The last airplane he refurbished before he retired, and what a fantastic job he did, like it came off the Lockhaven floor. I fitted a brand new 0-200, starter and alternator, and a radio. I registered her ZOE after my daughter Zoe who is now 15 and shows an interest in learning to fly. We have had much fun with her. Update August 2019  Larry van der Merwe recently purchased James Hopwood’s share in ZS-ZOE. She now belongs to the “Richmond and Van Der Merwe Partnership”. She is still based out of Ladysmith. Another update on her is she is in fact a 1943 model J3C65 (as per data plate) with a 100 hp 0-200 conversion.
Piper J3C-65 13663 ZU-BLG Note: Conflict of data.
13663 ZU-BLG Built 1946. Registered 24 June 1991. Owned by Fabrizio Onofri since the late 2000. Although it looks like a J3 its actually an L4 which served in the USAF.
Its based at Morningstar in the Western Cape.

13663 ZS-NBV Built 1945. Registered 24 June 1991. Owned by CT Hill.
Piper J3C-65 14304 ZS-NFP Built 1946. Owned by P Vermeulen, Bredell. Registered 22 April 1992
Piper J3C-65 14920 ZS-PEP Built 1956? Registered 11 December 2003 to Carrier Landings Partnership
Piper J3C-65 15524 ZU-PJN Built 1946. Registered 14 March 2005.  Owner Skylite Trading 7 CC.
Piper J3C-65 15722 ZS-AVG Built 1946 Registered 30 March 1946. Owner HJ Pienaar
Piper J3C-65 15738 ZS-WDT Built 1945? Registered 25 November 1988. Owner DW Painter. Update 2 May 2012, by Ray Watts - This Cub started out life here in SA as ZS-AVF (registered in Feb 1946) and became ZS-BTB in June 1947. In 1988 she was re-registered ZS-WDT and is owned by a Mr DW Painter who lives in the Adelaide area of the Eastern Cape. At some stage she was converted to a tricycle undercarriage.
Piper J3C-65 16076 ZS-UUP Built 1945? Registered 7 March 1974. Owner D Snyders and Associates
Piper J3C-65 16228 ZS-AUU Built 1946. Registered 15 May 1946. Owner Cub Aviation (Pty) Ltd
Piper J3C-65 16529 ZS-AWJ Built 1946. Registered 20 May 1970. Owner Radcool Investments (Pty) Ltd
Piper J3C-65 16530 ZS-AWD Built 1946. Owner Fischer en seuns (Fischer and sons) dates unknown. New owner Louis Alwyn de Wet 8/12/2014 and based at Fly Inn Estate -25.970777,28.350388
Piper J3C-65 16548 ZS-AUY Built 1958? Registered 20 May 1946. Owner J365 Partnership
Piper J3C-65 16567 ZS-AWE Built 1946. Registered 14 April 1988. Owner Chemline CC.
Piper J3C-65 16763 ZU-AJT
Piper J3C-65 16802 ZS-PCX Built 1946. Registered 25 September 2003. Dusorea Investment Holdings
Piper J3C-65 17069 ZS-VZE Built 1945? Registered 7 April 1988. Owner NJ Austin and EW Buchel
Piper J3C-65 17326 ZU-EJM Built 1946. Registered 24 February 1971. Owner GK Dell. ex ZS-DTA. Update 13 September 2019. Purchased by Stuart Low and based at Virginia Airport in Durban.
Piper J3C-65 17400 ZS-AYT Built 1946. Registered 11 August 1970. Owner CP van der Merwe
Piper J3C-65 17651 ZU-FHJ Built 1963? Registered 22 June 2010. Owner JJ Guimaraens & SJ Osterberger
Piper J3C-65 17653 ZS-AYC Built 1946. Registered 12 January 1971. owner G Langeveld
Piper J3C-65 17882 ZS-BCV Built 1946. Registered 16 July 1976. Owner RG Williams
Piper J3C-65 17949 ZS-AWK Built 1946. Registered 14 March 2008. Owner Yankee Zulu Air CC
Piper J3C-65 18584 ZS-AZM Built 1946. Registered 16 March 1972. Owner IEM Janse Van Vuuren
Piper J3C-65 18585 ZS-AZK Only known information is that the aircraft was owned by Johan Hagen's father.
Piper J3C-65 18899 ZU-AYK Built 1946. Registered 18 April 1996. Owner BJ Wallace
Piper J3C-65 19610 ZS-MZY Corpclo 904 cc
Piper J3C-65 20101 ZS-AXZ Built 1946. Registered 21 May 1975. AD van Malsen & JH de Jager Partnership T/A Flying Eye Partnership
Piper J3C-65 20117 ZS-BID Built 1946. Registered 18 May 1972. Owner PC Wille
Piper J3C-65 20267 ZS-MXT Built 1946. Owner Leon Bornam
Piper J3C-65 20952 ZS-PHU Built 1946. Registered 12 May 2004. Owner GA Mc Alpine
Piper J3C-65 21050 ZS-BJA Built 1945? Registered 9 December 1976. Owner A Swanepoel T/A Antique Aviation
Piper J3C-65 21079 ZS-BNP Built 1948. Registered 22 May 1992. Owner Hobart Aerobatics CC
Piper J3C-65 22191 ZU-BPW Registered 24 August 1993. Based in East London and is owned by Flightime CC, a partnership of 4. (Information correct as at 23 January 2012)
Piper J3C-65 3-18564 ZS-HKR Built 1946. Registered 28 March 1973. Owner AP Burger
Piper PA-11 18433 ZS-VTT CN 18433 ex C9-ADO CR-ADO ZS-AZH. The aircraft is based at Baragwanath (FASY). It was imported in derelict state from Mozambique by Brian Zeedeberg and Ian Popplewell and is still owned by them both (As at 2012/09/10). Update 2 September 2019. Purchased on 30 June 2019, from Ian and Brian, by Steve Van Der Merwe who wrote… “It’s new home is here at Fly Inn Estate where I live. The Cub sleeps in the house with me! We now have a total of 6 Cubs here at Fly Inn Airpark: ZS-AWD, ZS-MEN, ZS-MXT, ZS-VTT, ZU-BPW, ZU-FAZ”.
Piper PA-12 12-1025 ZS-BIO
Piper PA-18 18-09024 ZS-MIE Levin S
Piper PA-18 18-09025 ZS-MHZ Aeroil (Pty) Ltd
Piper PA-18 18-1312 ZS-DGI Owned by Dave A. Hartmann. Based at Wings Park, East London. Information correct as at 2013/04/08
Piper PA-18 18-1668 ZS-PFZ
Piper PA-18 18-1789 ZS-NEA Koornhof PP. Aircraft purchased from PP Koornhof by Danie Minnaar in December 2016.
Piper PA-18 18-191 ZS-DEH TW en CM Beckett Beleggings cc
Piper PA-18 18-2191 ZS-DHH Krull E V
Piper PA-18 18-2192 ZS-DHI Unison Rentals cc. Used for advertising banner towing by Sky Messaging
Piper PA-18 18-3289 ZS-DJR Heard R J
Piper PA-18 18-3310 ZS-EGI Update 12 November 2014. ZS-EGI is owned and operated by Magalies Gliding Club out of Orient Airfield, FAOI. It is used as a glider tow plane. It is one of the few 180hp Super Cubs.
Piper PA-18 18-3660 ZS-BCC In Excess Trading 134 (Pty) Ltd
Piper PA-18 18-4150 ZS-DLI Dutton T P
Piper PA-18 18-4285 ZS-LHL Makinson R P
Piper PA-18 18-4302 ZS-DLR de Wet T H
Piper PA-18 18-4994 ZS-CDR van Wyk T W. Damaged beyond repair in a fatal crash, killing Leo Bonhiem and his son. Parts used to rebuild ZU-ASI.
Piper PA-18 18-5239 ZS-MIY Pistorius J I F
Piper PA-18 18-5248 ZS-IOU Ex, 9J-ROU, VP-ROU, VP-YOU. Spraying insecticide for The International Red Locust Control Service (later known as The International Red Locust Control organisation) from 1954. Owners, Schroenn M L; Roach B P; McAuley M J; Dr. Frank Bonfils-Persson. Update 11 September 2013 from Dr. Frank Bonfils-Persson - Frank owns 3/4 and Mark Schroenn 1/4.
Piper PA-18 18-5250 ZS-CFT L A Hill Dealers cc
Piper PA-18 18-5327 ZS-JEC Meyer B R
Piper PA-18 18-5885 ZS-CHS Stocks D J & Wiley R A J
Piper PA-18 18-6128 ZS-CIA Pepper S M
Piper PA-18 18-6317 ZS-CJK Fischer A En Seuns
Piper PA-18 18-6481 ZS-PLV Snaproll cc. Ex Z-WIU (Zimbabwe)
Piper PA-18 18-6615 ZS-JVX
Piper PA-18 18-6711 ZS-CKP Bennet S A
Piper PA-18 18-6719 ZS-CKU Twyford C J
Piper PA-18 18-6759 ZS-MIX Doitch D
Piper PA-18 18-6979 ZS-CLU Treherne Pollock A B. Damaged beyond repair in a fatal crash, killing Jenny Hooper. Parts used to rebuild ZU-ASI.
Piper PA-18 18-7058 ZS-PGA Lunsklip Visserye (Pty) Ltd.
Unison Rentals cc. Used for advertising banner towing by Sky Messaging
Piper PA-18 18-7207 ZS-MOP Burki W. E-mail received from Frank van Heerden 27 July 2020 stating he is the new owner.
Piper PA-18 18-7337 ZS-MIW Aerocon cc
Piper PA-18 18-7361 ZS-MIV PA18, 180HP Piper Super Cub. Used at Cape Gliding Club at FAWC Worcester Glider Airport for glider tugging Operations. Ex Israeli Air Force. The club has owned it since the early 1990s.
Piper PA-18 18-7409033 ZS-OXX Comanche Aircraft (Pty) Ltd
Piper PA-18 18-7409147 ZS-JGF Bouwer G J
Piper PA-18 18-7509056 ZS-POC Aeronexus Corporate (Pty) Ltd
Piper PA-18 18-7609023 ZS-LTN Truter P R.
Unison Rentals cc. Used for advertising banner towing by Sky Messaging
Piper PA-18 18-7709175 ZS-MIU Aerocon cc
Piper PA-18 18-7753 ZS-LSA Smith M H
Piper PA-18 18-7809050 ZS-SKV Stacey K V
Piper PA-18 18-7866 ZS-CYO Witwatersrand Gliding Trust
Piper PA-18 18-7909149 ZS-MYW Sayers T M
Piper PA-18 18-8012 ZU-ASI ex ZS-LEV. ZS-LEV was damaged beyond economical repair in 1991 following an in-flight separation of most of one propeller blade, forced landing and subsequent fire (Pilot J Colburn). Rebuilt between 1992-2012 as ZU-ASI, using some parts from ZS-CLU and ZS-CDR. Owned by Supercub Partnership (Ian and Alan Hanes) and based at Baragwanath. First flight was 24 May 2012 by test pilot and co-owner Ian Hanes.
Piper PA-18 18-8027 ZS-DSH Departement Landbou & Natuur-
Piper PA-18 18-8036 ZS-FZK Wiley R A J & Stock D J
Piper PA-18 18-8065 ZS-PPW De Bonis R A
Piper PA-18 18-8109066 ZS-LCE Von Wallenberg Baum K W E K
Piper PA-18 18-8206 ZS-EEW Unison Rentals cc. Used for advertising banner towing by Sky Messaging
Piper PA-18 18-8589 ZS-WSB
Many Piper Cubs have appeared on the South African register, either ZS- or ZU-. The list below is by no means complete and will be updated as and when information comes along.

Contributions, corrections and photographs will be most welcome; please send via e-mail to John Austin-Williams

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